task managers

  toniclady 18:58 29 May 05

my friend is running win 98....every so often his pc locks up, sometimes he can press ctrl alt and delete and other times he has to press the start button to reboot.....when he presses ctrl alt and delete it brings 2 lexplore boxes up and also brings 2 task managers....why is this??????? he cant figure out why that is...please help....thanks guys

  Diodorus Siculus 22:56 29 May 05

Try this:




he will need the Win98 CD

  toniclady 23:24 29 May 05

didnt work.....he wants to know wot lexplore is .....where it comes from and how cum's its running 3x..... wot proggy is it associated with an how cums it's tripled itself

  Completealias 23:28 29 May 05

Iexplore is internet explorer I believe

  toniclady 23:31 29 May 05

its an L not an I......but why does it come up 3x??????

  Completealias 23:36 29 May 05

Ok looking a bit further iexplore.exe is safe and is ms internet explorer but Iexplore.exe is associated with a number of viruses.

It therefore is probably a good idea to run a full system scan with av and antispyware products getting someone to check through a hijack this log for you may well be a good idea as well

  Completealias 23:43 29 May 05

Even Lexplore.exe according to here click here is associated with a virus

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