task manager has a thing called 'STARTEAK' whats t

  andy63walsh 15:44 06 Oct 08

task manager has a thing called 'STARTEAK' what's this ?
There are loads of things running in task manager, what should actually be running ?

  chub_tor 15:47 06 Oct 08
  provider 2 16:00 06 Oct 08

click here

(Relates to high CPU usage)

  andy63walsh 16:02 06 Oct 08

donwloaded the taskmanager and it said one was a poss danger, one called dva.386

  provider 2 16:12 06 Oct 08

True enough, but then malware can be called anything, especially a legitimate process in order to cause maximum confusion.

If you have an Easy Access keyboard, however, then this is likely to be a required process ... likely but not certainly.

If in doubt run your anti-spyware stuff and see what it finds.

  provider 2 16:18 06 Oct 08

If you don`t have any, then download, install, update and run MBAM:

click here

  birdface 16:31 06 Oct 08
  provider 2 16:57 06 Oct 08

On second thoughts ... run MBAM anyway. I don`t like the sound of "There are loads of things running in task manager" ....

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