task bar gone walkies?

  panhandle 00:17 06 Jan 06

Now this is silly - after a complete re-install of Windows, SP2, online updates, Office & iupdates, and returning the laptop to my daughter, as soon as she booted there was no taskbar - and I cannot think how to restore it or even why it disappeared.

I guess somehow it has got auto-hide set? But how do you restore it, she says right clicking on desktop offers no appropriate options.

I do not have the machine in front of me - but ideas would be great. Thanks.

  Skyver 00:25 06 Jan 06
  panhandle 00:34 06 Jan 06

I did tell her to try and get the mouse to turn to double arrow at the bottom of the screen, like to drag the taskbar back up - no luck, no handles either????? It just is not there, not stuck at the bottom. Mind you, I haven't seen it myself!

Any other possibilities?

  Skyver 00:37 06 Jan 06

Has it been moved to the top or sides? Does she get the start menu when she presses Ctrl + Escape?

  panhandle 00:41 06 Jan 06

It cannot have moved [??] between my house & hers, I hope not anyway!
Ctrl/Esc is a new one on me, just tried it, yes it brings up the start menu, ie equivalent to Start Button on Taskbar.

I guess I ought to leave this til I have the thing back here in the morning - I'll post again then rather than waste anyones time.
Thanks for now!!

  Thalmus 00:46 06 Jan 06

can you bring up task manager?

If so, click file > new task, and type explorer and see if that brings it back

  007al 00:53 06 Jan 06
  Ski-lo 03:18 06 Jan 06

I'm guessing you probably already know this but just in case you don't....

In order to bring up Task Manager press:

  Hamish 09:32 06 Jan 06

Look at click here

  VoG II 12:30 06 Jan 06
  panhandle 13:05 07 Jan 06

Thalmus, I got Taskbar & start menu through explorer, and the, Hamish, found that quicklaunch had been unchecked - thus removing taskbar from the desktop.
I'm sure that did not happen by itself! Thanks for the tips.

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