Tape to CD

  Richard Hillman 00:41 30 May 03


I'm trying to transfer stuff from audiotape to CD using Nero Wave editor but I don't know what to save the file as.

I'd want to use the CD on any CD player if possible not just on CD-ROM, hence my confusion.

The available file saves are:

P.S. I'm using Nero Burning Rom 5.0/Nero Express


  ton 00:49 30 May 03

You need wave files.

As ton has suggested, you need to record your tape and save as .wav file.

Then split this big file into the separate tracks.

You can then burn these to CD, (create audio CD), which can then be played on most players.

If you want more info, try a search of the forum as this question comes up a lot.

  Confab 13:47 30 May 03

You don't have to save the files as wav. If you are storing the files on your hard drive Wav files take up lots of hard drive space. You could save them as mp3s or wma's which are about 10 times smaller than wav.

When you come to burn your audio CD Nero will change the format of the file automatically and burn the CD so as it can be played on a CD player.

The Nero wizard will take you through the process for doing this

  toxin 13:50 30 May 03

Hi Richard!

Record the tape using the wave editor, it is possible to record the full 90mins if you want.

When finished recording,stop wave editor 'Record' and click OK, after a short delay the wave forms appear, highlight each track by click and drag, and goto Edit>Copy To File>Select WAV as the format to save, give the track some ID and Export.

I use Magix Audio Cleaning Lab to clean up the files, and when I have sufficient files, about 24 or so, I burn to disk at 8X using Nero; this combination of wav files and slow burn speed gives me the quality I require.

One further tip, always use CDR discs and if the're 700MB do not exceed that figure, and you should come out with some good CDs.

Hope this helps, Toxin.

  Richard Hillman 20:14 30 May 03

Thanks for that team - you've answered all my questions and more. Wave it is then!

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