TalkTaslk timesed her out

  jack 12:16 24 May 10

Say one of myflock.
Ans little wonder whne I visited- she was writing a multipage eepstile on line on the webmail.

I suggested and demonstrated how to compose 'Offline' in word or wordpad and cut and paste it in.
Having got her going that way I downloaded and installed for her Thunderbird

But for reasons unknown it will not connect to TalkTalk.
This may be a setting thing I missed or
is it TalkTalk server does not like POP3 E-mail clients?
Any clarification please.

  Sea Urchin 12:31 24 May 10

Thunderbird works perfectly with TalkTalk accounts.

Incoming POP3 server:

Outgoing SMTP server:

No authentication required and no SSL.

  jack 20:04 24 May 10

Something I missed evidently
When I see her again...................

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