TalkTalk modem

  simonjary 14:17 10 Aug 06


Does anyone here with TalkTalk broadband use the "recommended" TalkTalk modem?

And does anyone know if it's possible to refuse this and buy your own router?


  Gwyn1 14:35 10 Aug 06

Yes I use a Speedtouch 330 supplied by TalkTalk. You don't have to use the supplied modem but they state that they can not give support for any other modem that is used. In relation to the modem that I have I have had no problems with it.

  Stuartli 14:44 10 Aug 06

I used to use my previous Sagem with TalkTalk but now use this ADSL modem router:

click here

When I bought it a fortnight ago it was only £24 and a few pennies including delivery, but has since gone up in price from just over £17 ex VAT.

Does the job OK and is capable of up to 24MB downloading, which ensures quite a bit of futureproofing.

  Stuartli 14:44 10 Aug 06

It's actually a Safecom product rebadged as Guru by e-Buyer.

  Gwyn1 15:00 10 Aug 06


Does your modem just 'plug in' in the same as thee Speedtouch, or do you need to purchase something else with it?

  simonjary 15:04 10 Aug 06

Is the supplied modem just a modem or a router?

  Stuartli 18:37 10 Aug 06

It comes with all the cables required and a CD-ROM installation disk.

Actually it's proved a very good buy compared to the price of some equivalents.

There's also a five port version.

If you did intend to buy one, you'll need to note this link for the firmware update and how to install it:

click here

  Gwyn1 19:09 10 Aug 06


Thanks for the informatiom.

  Stuartli 23:49 10 Aug 06

I stated quite clearly in my 14-44pam posting that it is an ADSL modem router.

However it is not a wireless version - I only use the one computer system.

  phono 00:38 11 Aug 06

simonjary said "Is the supplied modem just a modem or a router?"

You said "I stated quite clearly in my 14-44pam posting that it is an ADSL modem router."

I believe simonjary may have been referring to the modem supplied by TalkTalk.

  simonjary 10:28 11 Aug 06

Yes, sorry for the confusion.

I really need to know if the "modem" supplied by TalkTalk is just a modem, or is a router.


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