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  shellship 11 Oct 11

While both my wife and I are with Entanet as our BB provider our downloads are with Lineone (me) and Tiscali (her) as we wanted to keep our email addresses when we went BB many moons ago. Both are now owned by TalkTalk. I have no problem logging into my account on the TT site from any computer and no difficulty in doing so into her account from my computer. However neither she nor I can log into her account from her computer - "wrong email address or password". We both have Win XP up to date. The only difference is that I use Firefox and she still uses IE. We don't often need to use the TT site to access our mail boxes but I cannot understand why her box can be accessed from my machine but not from her's. Any ideas, please.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11 Oct 11

"wrong email address or password"

check the account settings are the same on both machines.

  shellship 11 Oct 11

*Fruit Bat/\0/* Thanks, but bin there, dun that many times, just in case and that's not it, but thanks for trying.

  lotvic 11 Oct 11

Delete account and then re-enter them. Sounds daft but often works.

  spuds 12 Oct 11

Not saying its the answer, but TalkTalk have been changing their procedures regarding 'more secure' password security. Some of the old passwords have been regarded as not secure enough, and TalkTalk have requested that the customer 'improves' on these. Reminders and pop-ups have been issued on this subject.

I have a Lineone and Tiscali account with TalkTalk, and have received this information to the point that I have had to consider changing my passwords formats, and have done so. The reminders and pop-ups then stopped.


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