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  guesswho2 20:37 06 Nov 07

Has anyone else had trouble with Outlook Express and/or Thunderbird in the past 48hrs?
The server connection was not made tonight, for the second time and this time the Assist & Go thing crashed. This is presumably the fault of talktalk?

  Stuartli 23:44 06 Nov 07
  Stuartli 23:45 06 Nov 07


click here

  cocteau48 07:18 07 Nov 07

This is probably because their new webmail facility (which was supposed to arrive on the 17th Oct) has now been changed (as of last night).

  guesswho2 17:40 07 Nov 07

Thanks Stuartli, those were two interesting sites to look at. I'm in East Lothian so it may well be that one of the problem areas listed might include me! I've checked with your 2nd website which tells me that I'm NOT unbundled. Must admit I'm still not sure what that means - I'll catch up eventually!
Again this evening there was trouble connecting with both OE and T'bird, but eventually got connected.
Thanks too to cocteau48. Do I understand from you that TalkTalk are in the process of sorting out this problem? I've actually e-mailed them tonight about my problem.

  cocteau48 17:57 07 Nov 07

Their new webmail page (now powered by aol - WOW !!!!)
has been working during the day but has gone AWOL this evening.
I have been able to access emails occasionally on the webmail page but they are either not getting through to Thunderbird or taking an age to do so.

Teething troubles I hope.

  guesswho2 19:05 07 Nov 07

Thanks for that info cocteau48. It really is good for this old codger to be in touch with a group of such well informed and helpful fellows!

  cocteau48 19:33 07 Nov 07

"Old Codgers rule - OK!"

  Stuartli 19:50 07 Nov 07

All TalkTalk's (CPW) Local Loop Unbundled (LLU) exchanges are listed at:

click here

It means that TalkTalk (or whatever the ISP) has installed its own equipment in a BT exchange to bypass the BT equipment up to the point where the BT copper wire goes from the exchange to your property.

  guesswho2 19:56 07 Nov 07

Ta Stuartli, that confirms that "my local" ain't listed! In other words, I'll have popped me clogs long before TalkTalk gets round to "free" broadband in my area!
Just noticed that T'bird is dead again. Ah well.

  Stuartli 22:35 07 Nov 07

What is your exchange?

You should at least be able to get up to 2MB free with TalkTalk - I did after ditching Tiscali's similar service.

I moved onto "up to 8MB" at the beginning of February after nearly a year on 2MB when TalkTalk LLU equipped my exchange.

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