Talk Talk emails slow again

  thumbscrew 27 Jun 12

Anyone else on Talk Talk experiencing slow emails? Mine are taking upwards of two hours to get through and this is often a prelude to a wipeout!

  rdave13 27 Jun 12

Try another email client then notify your contacts, over time, that you are changing over. If you use emails for small business or regular contact with family then dump TT email. End of problems.

  thumbscrew 27 Jun 12

Thanks rdave, but I'm locked into an 18 month contract with TT.

  rdave13 27 Jun 12

That has nothing to do with email clients. All the more reason not to use TT's email. Check out Gmail. Can't remember the other one, as I don't use it, but if Lotvic sees this thread I'm sure he'll post a link.

  lotvic 27 Jun 12

"contract with TT" so am I but you don't have to use TT email exclusively. You can have other email accounts. As well as my TalkTalk email I've got gmail, and a couple of hotmail addresses, all of which I collect through Outlook Express.

  rdave13 27 Jun 12

If you're using windows above XP forget Outlook. Thanks for joining lotvic.

PS, lotvic, 'bout time you went to 7!

  lotvic 27 Jun 12

My favourite and reliable Free, they even virus scan everything before I get them and send me notification of email headers in Spam folder and tons of features etc etc.

  lotvic 27 Jun 12

rdave13, I've got W7 on another HDD but mostly use XP for general use at the mo' because I've a few programs that I can't move to W7 as they were from GOTD and can't re-register them. Eventually I'll be more on W7 than XP - sheer laziness prevents at mo' ;-)

  rdave13 27 Jun 12

With apologies to thumbscrew for the hijacking, you can usually get other free options to what GOTD supplies. Stopped using it for the simple reason these programs are free without limitations, under different names, if you search. Hate programs that hold you to ransom. Surprised at you lotvic :-)

  Muergo 27 Jun 12

I've lived with TalkTalk for over ten years since they bought up Onetel, mainly because of their unbeatable bundle of broadband with National and International calls. "Free" (included in fixed monthly payment) calls abroad totalling over ten hours and UK calls about twice that, make it a bargain for this family, but if I went for broadband only, one of the small ones are said to be better but not cheaper.

Things have improved dramatically since TT connected me up to optic fibre, instead of less than 1Mb we are now getting 38Mb (promised 40) for £10 a month extra and double that for a further £5, but it's so fast now I haven't bothered.

Talktalk is O.K. so long as you don't need Customer Service which is where it all falls apart, as todays report from Oftel says that TTalk has again got the highest level of customer complaints for hardline connections but mostly relating to billing and Customer Service.

  lotvic 27 Jun 12

apologies to thumbscrew, rdave13 Steady now :) I've got the alternative free ones and better on W7 system. Hope that redeems me a little bit.


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