Talk Talk Emails Down Again

  thumbscrew 10:01 20 Nov 12

Anyone on that "ISP" Talk Talk, discovered that their emails are kaput once more?

  northumbria61 13:49 20 Nov 12

Yes, one of my relatives is aware - suffered all day yesterday again!!

  muddypaws 14:20 20 Nov 12

Had problems recently with it being very slow viz 4 hrs between sending and receiving. Seems OK now in NW Kent.

  spuds 14:57 20 Nov 12

I suppose this is another one of those "We know about it, but don't have a time frame for fixing it?".

There is a way around this: Log onto use your TalkTalk email details, and you should then be able to get your email. If you use this method, then check on the security options, and you can set the option best for yourself.

  thumbscrew 16:35 20 Nov 12

I'll try that spuds thanks.

  spuds 17:00 20 Nov 12

I have just used my TT email account and it seems okay.

If you use the suggestion link, then your email account, it should give you the option of html or text, which sometimes can be an annoyance.

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