Talk Talk emails down again

  thumbscrew 06 Jun 12

No sooner have they "Fixed" the last email problem, we go again, they're down today. Anyone here affected?

  northumbria61 06 Jun 12

This MAY be the same problem here enter link description here

  john bunyan 06 Jun 12

No problem here via pipex.

  spuds 06 Jun 12

There's been problems over the past few days again. No sooner does things seem okay, then disaster occurs. I am sure Nigel Pearson, director of TalkTalk customer services knows full well about the problems, I have tried to inform in the past and now?.

I note that it was reported the other day, that TalkTalk complaints are down by 40%. I wonder if this as anything to do with a new venture TalkTalk is taking on with two other companies ?.

  thumbscrew 06 Jun 12

Hi spuds, back tonight, but for how long??

  rdave13 07 Jun 12

thumbscrew, why not dump Talk Talk email service? I do not use Plusnet's email service as I do not want to be tied to an ISP when I want to send a simple e-mail.

  northumbria61 07 Jun 12

Try GMX - Free and Reliable enter link description here

  lotvic 07 Jun 12

I use GMX as well, I find it excellent.

I've still got the talktalk email (amongst others) but rarely use it.

  spuds 23 Jun 12

Perhaps an update to the problem mentioned!.

Over the past week or so I have been in contact with TalkTalk over a number of issues, and I have been informed that there are known problems with the Webmail, in respect to Tiscali/TalkTalk subscriber's.

TalkTalk have not found a 'fix' yet, and there is no timescale for doing so. So if it happens again, then its likely to be the same problems, and you will have to await an outcome, but they are working on it (and that's official)?.

If you cannot get into your Account details, then that might be due to maintenance procedures, and not an 'known' problem. Do try later, and do read any messages that might appear, especially if you are using iPods etc.

  john bunyan 23 Jun 12

I can get and send e Mails with Pipex (Talk Talk) using normal method, but it will not let me log on to check mail via the web, so if I were at another location I could not see eMail. If it goes on I wiil contact them. Thanks for the info.


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