Talk Talk emails down

  thumbscrew 18:47 16 May 12

Anybody using Talk Talk finding their emails slow/down AGAIN? My OE is very slow...sometimes not responding and can't log in to webmail. I'm in South Wales.

  muddypaws 19:07 16 May 12

Yep, second time in a week. Using gmail at present.

NW Kent.

  thumbscrew 19:13 16 May 12

Thanks muddypaws, I've lost count of the number of times this has happened. Their "Check your area button" states that there are no problems in my area!!....useless.

  thumbscrew 20:19 16 May 12

Just called them, told me they're migrating addresses across, thus the problems. Makes a mockery of their help page really, because that's giving the all clear!

  spuds 23:08 16 May 12

When I contact TalkTalk about this constant problem, I usually get the same response that they are working on it, and its a server problem :O(

Was unable to use Webmail properly for the past three days. Earlier today I was able to retrieve some of the outstanding email, but for how long?.

I have started to call it bad service, TalkTalk call it improving the service?.

  thumbscrew 23:13 16 May 12

Yeah, I'm baffled too and maddening beyond belief that their page tells me that there are no problems in my area. My OE comes and goes (Just got yours Spuds, I think it's fixed, then it goes off again). MY Webmail was completely dead, it was on a few minutes ago but when I compose an email to myself, it only appears in OE not the Webmail page...although by the time I finish this it could be down again!

  muddypaws 15:09 17 May 12

Only just booted up today and still no connection, although it did come back for a few minutes last night. I can use gmail ,but no good if the recipient is on TT!!

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