Talk Talk Emails Down?

  thumbscrew 26 Sep 11

Here we go again, I'm in South Wales and in the past hour my Talk Talk Outlook Express emails and my Webmail are down. Anyone else ditto?

  Bald Eagle 26 Sep 11

Mine's OK.

  grumpy-git 26 Sep 11

Just been doing a search about this - mine has been down an hour or so (West Midlands)

  Eargasm 26 Sep 11

Mines been down since 6pm this evening ( Derbyshire)

  thumbscrew 26 Sep 11

This is an all too frequent experience. Grumpy is your Webmail down and does it say "Could not connect to the specified mail server" left of page?

  grumpy-git 26 Sep 11

Thumbscrew - I use windows mail, it just keeps asking me for user name & password - which are set as default & so never usually asked for.

  thumbscrew 26 Sep 11

Yes that's their end again...every few weeks it happens.

  grumpy-git 27 Sep 11

Still not working for me:-

Your POP3 server has not responded in 60 seconds......... etc.

  grumpy-git 27 Sep 11

Thumbscrew - just tried logging in for web mail & got the same as you - "Could not connect to the specified mail server. Please check your account settings."

It did accept my log in details, as I could start to create an e-mail. Sent a test e-mail, but it said - "mail sent, could not copy it to your designated folder". The e-mail was sent though, as it appeared in the account I sent it to - not Tiscali !!

  cocteau48 27 Sep 11

I have had no drop in service at all (Newton Mearns exchange) so it must be regional.

  grumpy-git 27 Sep 11

My old lineone account is now receiving e-mails again, as are the Tiscali ones.


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