Taking a Screen Snapahot

  Dinkiz 19:25 21 Jul 04

Hi All,

Would anyone out there know how I can take a 'snap shot' of the contents of my screen. What I'm looking to do is to basically have a .jpg or whatever of the contents of whats on my screen. I used to do this with a screen capture facility with PSP 7 but no longer have the software. Is there any facility within windows or infact Adobe Photoshop 8 that you can do this with?

Many thanks in advance,
Dinkiz ;o)

  christmascracker 19:30 21 Jul 04

I use this. It's free and very good

click here

  Chris the Ancient 19:32 21 Jul 04

Once you have the screen you want, press the 'Print Screen' button.

Then open your 'Paintbrush' program in accessories and paste the (unseen) image.

You can then save that image.



  Sapins 19:33 21 Jul 04

Hi dinkiz, I use click here

Recommended by a forum member a brilliant free programme.



  Sapins 19:35 21 Jul 04

Sorry Dinkiz, misspelled your name:-(

  THE TERMINATOR 19:36 21 Jul 04

press the shift key and the print screen key(the Prt Scn key is to the left of the pause/break key). Open a program such as paint or other image program and paste your screen....TT

  Dinkiz 19:38 21 Jul 04

Hi All,

Thanks a million for replying sooooo quickly to my posting. All the options you suggest work great, but I must say the one by Chris the Ancient, works amazing and doesn't require any extra utility download.

Thanks so much again guys,
Viva Le Pc Advisor,
Dinkiz ;o)

  Dinkiz 19:39 21 Jul 04

You too Terminator....works a blinkin treat...cheers ;o)

  accord 19:42 21 Jul 04

you can copy the screen print into Word, Excel and Powerpoint aswell

  accord 19:43 21 Jul 04

sorry, i just use function + F8 on my keyboard then ctl+V to copy into other program. no downloaded program needed.

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