Taking the fizz out of fizzle

  NickyK 16:10 20 Dec 04

I tried the links on an earlier fizzle-problem strand, but VoG's didn't work.

A chum of mine has fizzle toolbar and wants it out.

Any suggestions besides PestPatrol?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:24 20 Dec 04
  NickyK 16:32 20 Dec 04

Thank you, Mithrandir - bet you get called that all the time, Gadalf the Grey.

I'll tell my chum the link, and post a summery when I know what's been done.

Otherwise, I'll resolve this. Ta.


  NickyK 16:33 20 Dec 04

Sorry, I meant Gandalf, bot Gadalf - the latter being too Elrondish.

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