taking battery out of laptop and losing everything

  mco 18:51 27 Apr 05

My neighbour,computer novice, got a laptop from Time/Tiny (yes I know!!) but the battery won't charge although the mains works fine. They've taken it away to replace the battery and he gave me some garbled message about they said he'd lose everything including the Xp set up and he'd need to pay £100 for cd to replace it all. (he's no restore disc) Has he got this right or is he confused? Are they trying it on?

  bof:) 19:05 27 Apr 05

Hi mco, I do know that with my sons laptop from Tiny we had to pay extra for the recovery disk with XP on it because it did not come with the laptop when purchased. This has been discussed on this website before.

It may be worth also posting this on the consumerwatch forum to see what replies you get there.


  Technotiger 19:11 27 Apr 05

Hi, as far as I am aware, removing a laptop battery is a quite normal thing to do and will not result in loss of OS etc.

Others here will no doubt correct me if I am wrong.


  pj123 19:20 27 Apr 05
  woodchip 19:29 27 Apr 05

Removing a Laptop battery will not remove is software etc but if they take the Laptop away they may have to fit a new motherboard that will have different hardware etc and then the drive as to be formatted and OS reinstalled along with drivers for new motherboard. But if it's still under Warranty they are obligated to put it right and back in working order

  bosmere 19:40 27 Apr 05

woodchip is right - I rarely put my battery in, preferring to carry the mains cable with me.

  justme 19:41 27 Apr 05

Removing the battery from a laptop is no different from switching off any computer. As long as the computer was shut down properly then no data should be lost as it will all have been stored on the hard disc which does not need any power to store data.

As the operating system is stored on the hard disc then it will not be lost or need replacing.

As for restoring the operating system should that ever be necessary I am sure that Time/Tiny have stored the relevent information on a (possibly hidden) partition on the hard disc.

  bemuzed 19:42 27 Apr 05

I had one problem when my laptop would not close down so I just removed the battery to get ti to switch off. This was fine for a few times but then would not boot up again and the operating system needed to be rebuilt. So, when exactly was this battery removed?

  Belatucadrus 20:46 27 Apr 05

I'd say so, if the battery's dead swap it, no problem. If the charger is faulty replace it, but either way I can't see how it would affect the hard drive or anything on it, it's a non volatile storage medium. Get Time /Tiny to justify themselves in writing and post a transcript, we'll soon tell you if there's any logic to it.

  woodchip 21:01 27 Apr 05

It will if the Mobo as a problem with the charger system. They cannot Repair a Mobo or it would not justify the cost

  mco 08:06 28 Apr 05

Thanks - will let you know what happens. I couldn't see myself how it could lose everything. I was wondering if they were just using the repair as an excuse to sell him the restore disc. Will check out consumerwatch and tiny rep thanks pj and all

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