Tabs not working in FF

  Conny 06 Dec 12

Running windows 7 and using Mozilla FF as browser. Until recently could manually open a new tab to open another site but since trying to speed up boot time by unclicking what I thought were unnecessary programs at start up I can't open them. If I click on a link in a news item or something then it opens in a new tab. Have done a system restore and it worked until I next tried to log onto the net. I noticed dialogue box from Mozilla stating it was initialising up dates and now I can't manually open a new tab.

  Conny 06 Dec 12

Hi Dr Yes, I usually just click on the plus sign to open a new tab and the cross to close one. Have tried in safe mode and it works but when I load up normal way it doesn't. Have just checked and my version is 17.0.1 if that is any help. Would going back to the previous edition do any good do you think, and if so, how do I do that? Sorry, but not very techno savvy so will need plain language. Thanks for your reply.

  Conny 06 Dec 12

Tried the Crtl+T but still nothing. Have just registered for that support site and will post on there. Thanks for your advice. Will post back if I can get it sorted.

  Conny 08 Dec 12

Ok, all sorted. Turned out to be an extension,

Ask Foto Sketcher Toolbar

Disabled it along with all the others and each time I loaded this one the Tabs failed. Have removed it completely and everything is back to normal.

Thanks for your help Dr Yes.

  Conny 08 Dec 12

Where do I find the green tick to say this has been resolved please?

  Conny 08 Dec 12

Doh! Staring me in the face. Sorry.


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