Tablets that can take MS Office

  Damarc 01 Apr 13

I'm currently looking at Acer Iconia W510 but I want MS Office Home and Business on it. This is probably a daft question but does it have to be downloaded through the ether or is there another way?

  Woolwell 01 Apr 13

I had to look up the Acer to find its OS. As it is the full W8 then it will run Office. W8 RT and many other tablet OS's will not. Office 2013 or Office 365 (which could be the cheapest way for you) are downloaded and you insert the key, which you have bought, during installation.

  wee eddie 02 Apr 13

Alternatively, I take it that you could plug it into your PC, where it will appear as a Drive, say 'E' for example.

Then put your Office Disk into the PC's Slot and download it directly from there

  Damarc 02 Apr 13

Thank you for your answers but I'm going to get 2013 MS Office Home and Business edition because I want Outlook. On my laptop at the moment I've got 2003 MS office Pro. I have still got the disks for them but want to upgrade a bit now. I have a download limit of 2gb per month from Sky so wondered if downloading Office would take up a lot of it.

  Damarc 02 Apr 13

WeeEddie: If you connect tablet to laptop/pc to use the latter's drive, how do you get the Office software to recognise which machine you want it install to on? I assume you can't copy the disk to hard drive/memory on tablet a Microsoft seem to put barriers within the software that precludes that.

  wee eddie 02 Apr 13

Now there you have me.

I haven't tried anything like that yet but there are so many Ultra Books and Netbooks, that don't have disk drives that there must be a short movie somewhere on YouTube.

It'll just be a matter of asking the right question.


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