Tablet PC with styluses

  HenryVII 16:59 12 Aug 11

My ideal Tablet PC would let me:

  • use a stylus for hand-written notes at meetings, classes, etc.
  • read my Kindle e-books on it
  • display MS Office documents
  • play the Windows MS games (Freecell, Spider Solitaire, etc.)
  • and, of course, transfer data to and from my desktop PC.

And it would have to have a realistic battery life.

It wouldn't need to browse the Web, play movies, make phone calls, take pictures, sing to me, read my horoscope or tell me the meaning of life.

If you ever hear of one such........

  Woolwell 19:01 12 Aug 11

Well there is an app for the iPad which recognises handwriting using a stylus or a finger and the ipad does all of the rest too.

  HenryVII 19:26 12 Aug 11

Thanks, Woolwell. I suspected that it might, but I've found it very difficult to get clear information from the reviews I've read. The only problem now is the price.....

  Woolwell 19:47 12 Aug 11

The apps for handwriting and MS office come at a cost. I've not used the handwriting app and therefore do not know how good it is.


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