Tablet PC with specifications, help please

  ChelseaTom 15:00 PM 19 Feb 13

I need a tablet PC with windows 8, a Dual Core 1Ghz Processor, Minimum 1Gb RAM, Minimum 32Gb of backing storage, minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 800. A USB port but not a micro USB. I am in desperate need of finding a tablet PC which matches these requirements as I have software etc to match. I need to start working from home and my boss has very specific requirements. Thanks if you help me and can find a tablet(s) that meets these requirements.

  Woolwell 15:10 PM 19 Feb 13

You may be better off looking at ultra-portables as there are not many Windows 8 tablets (convertibles, etc - yes). What is your budget?

  Woolwell 15:11 PM 19 Feb 13
  ChelseaTom 15:13 PM 19 Feb 13

Infact, you do not need it to be windows 8, that was just preferred but it's not needed. Thanks so much for your help. My budget is around £1000.

  Woolwell 15:18 PM 19 Feb 13

The majority of tablets are Android or Apple. You will need to check your software requirements. With that budget you could include the MS Surface tablet. But you should be able to a get a versatile and well specced ultraportable for under £1000.


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