Table lamp disconnects USB mouse and keyboard

  Chelonian 30 Sep 11

My table lamp (11W 240V PL-11 fluorescent tube) often disconnects my USB mouse and USB keyboard when the lamp is switched on. Unplugging and re-plugging both USB devices rectifies the problem until the next time.

Any suggestions as to what the problem is?


  Nontek 30 Sep 11

Sounds like a possible 'short' in the table-lamp wiring, though I have never heard of this sort of thing before, so just a guess!

Maybe lamp is too close to PC.

  wee eddie 30 Sep 11

Move the Table Lamp.

About 1 metre should do the trick.

  vs6gyrob 30 Sep 11

sounds like R.F interference (swamping) Try -if you can- to get a few ferrite beads to put onto your lamp lead or computer power leads ( You can , if possible , coil the power leads into three or four turns (about 2 to 3 inches diam) Just may work to some degree cheers vs6gyrob

  robin_x 30 Sep 11

Make sure plug is earthed if it is meant to be earthed (if no green/yellow in plug it doesn't need it. If a moulded plug you can't tell anyway. Use a multimeter to check continuity from earth pin on plug to any metal part if you see any stickers that say 'This appliance must be earthed')

A different tube manufaturer (more reputable/higher quality), eg Philips, may have lower spurious emissions. Or even just another crappy tube may be different.

Or move the lamp/use another lamp.

  stlucia2 01 Oct 11

Since your keyboard and mouse are happy to work while the lamp is running ("unplugging and re-plugging ... rectifies the problem"), it sounds like it's the starter (built into the tube, I presume) or the on/off switch that's creating the problem. If you switch on the lamp using the switch on its wall socket, with the lamp switch already "on", do you get the same problem? If not, there's something wrong with the lamp's switch; if so, a different bulb, as suggested by robinofloxley, may be the answer.


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