Maria777 18:03 12 Apr 05

The system is dangerously low in resources

  VoG II 18:07 12 Apr 05

Version of Windows?

Does this happen when you are using Word - or when does the message appear?

  Maria777 18:18 12 Apr 05

256 ram pent 4 millenium, 40 gb, 52% free but runs very slow and usually freezes, no matter what i'm running. So i press clt + alt +del and then close some programs that are running, this helps for a while then freeze again, help please

  VoG II 18:25 12 Apr 05

Assuming that this has not always happened you may have caught something nasty. Try running Ad-aware click here and Spybot click here for a start.

Do you have up-to-date anti-virus?

  Forum Editor 18:52 12 Apr 05

You seem to have managed to post a few versions of the same thread (now deleted). If you don't see your thread/post appear as soon as you click the submit button don't worry and click again - just allow the server a few moments to update the database with your post and your page will refresh automatically with your submission in view.

Each time you click your mouse button you're sending a fresh version of the thread or post to the server, and it will register all of them.

Now we've got that out of the way, I think VoG™ may be right - you might have an uninvited guest on your computer by way of a virus, or some spyware that is causing the problem. Follow VoG™'s advice, and see how that works out.

  VoG II 20:20 13 Apr 05

Any luck Maria?

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