System will not boot.

  pgj 13:01 25 Jan 11

Ok this is a long one - please I hope someone can help.

Running Xp pro SP3

Desk top will not boot past the first windows screen you see - it sit there for about 5 seconds, there is a blue screen flash and the system restarts. It would do this on a continual loop. I cannot boot in safe mode just get a black frozen screen.

I have used Recovery Console with out joy.

So I installed a new 500 gig HDD. With windows 7 on it and placed the old drive in SATA 2. I can see all my files on the old drive and thought all I need do now is copy them however my old Windows XP is password protected and I can only access a few shared files used by the kids. The 1000s of pictures, music files and important documents will not open.

I either need to access my first drive to unlock my documents there by sharing them all or find some other way to make my old password redundant.

Please can any one help?

  gengiscant 13:05 25 Jan 11
  pgj 14:50 25 Jan 11

gengiscant Thank you for that. I have tried this and managed to get into folders but at the the last stage say a picture it will not let me view it saying access denied or you do n ot have permission. Any ideas?

  pgj 15:05 26 Jan 11

This fix worked for me I was able to fire the XP HDD back up and copy and paste my Docs content from there to my new Windows 7 HDD.

Here's the link to the fix hope it helps others out

click here


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