System Volune information

  wonderwill 21:55 25 Feb 07

I have a 160Gb hard disc and have the system restore set at 8%. My System Volume Information has 21.4Gb against it. Can I do anything to reduce this?

  SANTOS7 21:58 25 Feb 07

Open system restore from control panel click on settings you can alter size from there..

  wonderwill 22:02 25 Feb 07

But it is set at 6% and 6% of 160Gb is only 9.5Gb (ish)

  skidzy 22:12 25 Feb 07

If your sure your system is running ok,maybe clearing your restore points would be a start.

How to clear restore points:
Disable system restore and reboot and enable System Restore.

All restore points will be lost !

Does this drive have a hidden partition for recovery/restore purposes's

  wonderwill 22:12 25 Feb 07

I appear to have many restore points and the last one is 13Gb - can I/should I erase some of these?

  wonderwill 22:14 25 Feb 07

Not sure about the hidden partition - how do I find that out?

  woodchip 22:15 25 Feb 07

If you think your Computer Is OK will be OK you could Delete Them all by turning Restore off then Back on, set to 5% then create a new Restore point and test that it works

  wonderwill 22:21 25 Feb 07

Resolved by deleting - thanks

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