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  staples printer cartridge 18:48 26 Dec 05

I am about to upgrade my graphics card and would ask anyone's opinions on the following: Do I upgrade to another AGP card or upgrade my mobo and processor to accomodate a PCI Express card?
It will cost about £100 for the graphics card, but obvioulsy the latter option adds about £200 to that to get an Athlon 64 3500 and compatible mobo - is this cost efficient? I have 2 SATA Raptor HDD and an Audigy soundcard already, alongside 2 512Mb Ram sticks. Cheers Ian

  powerless 19:00 26 Dec 05

With a setup like you have, I'd go for the PCI.

  alan227 19:03 26 Dec 05

Upgrading your AGP graphics card gives your computer a limited lifespan.
If you go for the AMD 3500 & mobo make sure it is dual processor compatible so it can be upgraded in the future without changing the mobo, also it is worth looking at SLI & Crossfire boards, so you can add another graphics card later if you want to.

  staples printer cartridge 12:38 02 Jan 06

Given the above discussion, if my money was limited and I decided to upgrade on AGP for another year (my processor and mobo are not that old - AMD 3200 but not AMD 64) is a new AGP card at about £130 better than say a radeon 9800 XT second hand for about £100?

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