System Tray Icons

  NotSureBoutThis 15:46 15 Aug 07

In my system tray, I have numerous icon, which I very rarely use, how can I delete them without deleting the programme, I did try right clicking, but when I reboot they just reappear.

  Chris1986 15:53 15 Aug 07

have you checked your startup folder, much of the time a lot of the programs will be in there, if you remove the short cut from there this will stop the programs from start up when you power on.

This may not get rid of them all...!

  rawprawn 15:53 15 Aug 07
  BurrWalnut 15:54 15 Aug 07

Start, Run, type msconfig and press Enter. Go to the StartUp Tab and remove the tick from any programs you don't want to start, e.g. QuickTime, Real, Word, etc. I'm sure you'll get my drift.

When the system reboots, put a tick in the selective start up message "Don't show this again".

  SB23 15:56 15 Aug 07

Right click taskbar, goto properties, on the menu that comes up click customize, then click on the ones that you want to change. Mine are mainly hide when inactive. (Use the scroll down menu to change).

Hope it helps.


start up
click here
for xp,access from control panel

  Stuartli 15:59 15 Aug 07

I would normally use the method BurrWalnut offers, but if you have Search and Destroy you can also do it from Tools>System Startup.

In addition you get an explanation of what most of the items achieve by clicking on each line and if they can safely be disabled at startup.

  SB23 16:00 15 Aug 07

Don't forget to click on ok when done.

  Stuartli 16:00 15 Aug 07

Don't, obviously, stop any System entries.

  NotSureBoutThis 17:43 15 Aug 07

Hi Guys

Firstly, thanks for all the tips and advice, with so many tips where does one begin, however, I have the giff of what I need to do.

I have looked followed your tips, but cannot see what I'm looking for, in msconfig.

These are the programmes that are in my system tray that I want to remove if possoble:

MSN Messenger, sound effect,system remove hardware, Motorola SM56 modem, IE window Maximizer,

  mfletch 17:52 15 Aug 07

I would try the same as SB23!

. Right click on the taskbar click properties, click on the "taskbar" tab then the customize button. click on the behavior (hide when inactive) and a down arrow will appear. Choose "Always hide"


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