System Temperature

  glen2409 18:29 03 May 05

Can I ask people what they think is an ideal system temp?

You hear alot about cpu temps but not system temp. My AMD64 3000+ cpu runs at 35c idle to maximum playing games or video editing at 52c. Averages around 42-43 which I know is acceptable.

My system temp runs from about 27-35c, averages 31-32c. is this a good temp? I have a roof fan on the case blowing out and a back fan as well. I have a cpu,mobo and power fans as well.

What do people think please?

  Technotiger 18:37 03 May 05

Hi, your temps seem ideal enough to me.


  Mr Mistoffelees 19:02 03 May 05

Hopefully mine will run as cool as that when it gets new Arctic Silver heatsink compound and a nice new case on Saturday. Glen2409, your system is running just fine at those temperatures.

  glen2409 19:06 03 May 05

That's reassuing to know. I've never seen an ideal system fan and have just put some new kit into a new case and quite impressed with the lack of noise,etc.

I wasn't sure what kind of system temp I should be aiming for and if more fans,exhaust were needed.

  Technotiger 19:08 03 May 05

More fans/exhaust, certainly not needed in your case - no pun intended.


  SEASHANTY 19:23 03 May 05

Your hard drives can also get fairly warm. Of my three PC's two maintain the HDD temp around 30 - 38C
but on one PC the temp gets up to around 50C to 55C.
This utility I use HDD Tune (which is a free one) gives the temp plus other stuff. I have replaced the PSU for a dual fan PSU in this system but the HDD is still playing up ands has some damaged blocks. It's a Seagate 120GB. What next I wonder. The free utility can be downloaded from here
click here

  Chegs ® 19:26 03 May 05

System temps are really dependant on weather,location of PC,etc.My CPU runs at 40C,even under load.My system temp ranges from 20C(very early morning)to 50C if its a very nice day and the GF is cooking. :-)

  glen2409 19:37 03 May 05

Lol chegs and technotiger.
I can fit another back case fan and an exhaust. i have a 400w psu.

Will look at ther HDD temp, I have 2 fitted on top of each other.

  Pine Man 19:53 03 May 05

According to the AwardBios on my PC I have a CPU temp of around 40C and a system temp of 127C. It's been like that from new about 18 months ago.

Surely CPU and system temperatures are two entirely different things?

  SEASHANTY 19:59 03 May 05

Now that is pretty HOT - the boiling point of water is only 100C.

  glen2409 20:00 03 May 05

I think he has been confused. That program doesnt work for me seashanty, says no drives

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