System riddled with infections

  ventanas 11:28 09 Aug 05

Colleague has brought his home machine in because he "thinks there is something wrong with it." After checking it over I discovered no AV, anti spyware or firewall.

I have run adaware and MS antispyware and have so far removed over 1200 nasties, but there are more problems. Neither msconfig or regedit will run, and the thing must still be full of heaven knows what. I'm just about to download avg, but the problem is I can't connect it to the net here, so have to do it on this machine and burn to cd.

Does anyone have any clues on the msconfig & regedit problem, as without getting into these the best idea is probably a reformat.

Grateful for any help.

  €dstowe 11:31 09 Aug 05

A reformat/install will take 2 hours. Messing about cleaning up an infected system will take ?????? days.

No contest.

  johnnyrocker 11:32 09 Aug 05

need to know a bit more about it like os etc then maybe further suggestions can be made.


  The Spires 11:37 09 Aug 05

The type of people who let there Pc get into the state this one is I find are also the type of people who have no idea where the program installation discs are.

  ventanas 12:56 09 Aug 05

I agree, I asked about the restore discs and got a blank look, but he is going to have a look.

I've got regedit and msconfig working again, it was a trojan stopping them. I've also turned system restore off and back on again.

AVG scan was just as bad as the spyware. I think a reformat is the only certain cure, if the disc can be found, but as it came from PC world he may not have got one.

  ventanas 12:59 09 Aug 05

One other thing, this PC although running XP Home does not even have SP1 installed, never mind all the other updates.

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