System Restore in XP - how to with Win98?

  bill sykes 10:25 30 Jan 04

Whenever I use RegSeeker to clean up the registry or install a trial version of a program I always take a Restore Point (WinXP) so that I can back out all the changes if things don't go to plan. And these RPs have proved very useful!

A friend wants to try RegSeeker on a Win98 system. Is there a similar, simple, procedure that can be followed on this system?

  spikeychris 10:30 30 Jan 04

Only backup the registry if changing the reg or a system backup. There are third party go-back tools.

  BBez 10:35 30 Jan 04

if he doesn't know how to backup registry click here

  dth 10:36 30 Jan 04

There are no built-in 'system restore' facilities with Windows 98 (unlike Windows XP and Windows ME) - although there are third party tools.

Win 98 does keep a copy of the registry for the previous five days. To access this facility you need to boot the p/c into a DOS mode at at the prompt type scandisc /restore.

  VoG II 10:38 30 Jan 04

scanreg /restore

  spikeychris 10:40 30 Jan 04

scanreg /restore.

  spikeychris 10:40 30 Jan 04

Sneaked in there VoG

  bill sykes 11:44 30 Jan 04

Thanks everyone for the link and the advice.
The link refers to backing up the registry with 'scanregw' which I assume is different to the scanreg used to restore and I assume also that the backup it takes will be one of the six that the system takes automatically.

Seems straightforward so we'll go for it!
Thanks once again, your support is appreciated.

  dth 12:23 30 Jan 04

sorry must be going a bit batty - it is of course
scanreg /restore

  Cas141 14:47 30 Jan 04

I use Go Back by Roxio. It is brilliant. As easy as system restore in ME or XP. It is part of Norton Systemworks if you have that.

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