System restore wont work

  nbPoppy121 11:49 23 Jul 07

My Mesh laptop has started to take an excessive time to shut down and switch off. It takes more than four minutes.
The only programmes I have installed recently were from the PC Advisor DVD, and I have now uninstalled these.
Although my computer tells me that I have several possible restore points, when I go through the process of a system restore it goes through the motions but when the computer restarts it tells me that it has not been possible to restore my machine to an earlier date?
Any advice on these problems will be very much appreciated.
Many thanks.

  skeletal 12:07 23 Jul 07

Do scans to check for viruses/malware. Disconnect from the internet. Stop your anti-virus software (this can be difficult and you may need to use task manager).

Then try system restore.

Some AV programs prevent system restore from working.


  Jak_1 12:19 23 Jul 07

Have you tried doing it in safe mode? Also a check of task manager before shutting down to see what programs are running, especially those that are running in background.

  birdface 12:31 23 Jul 07

Norton has a habit of not letting you restore to an earlier date,If you have Norton switch it off and then try it.As with skeletal and Jak_1 Check Task Manager,Make sure that there are no programs running when shutting down.Microsoft is a bad one for it ,It has problems with up-dates at the moment and keeps trying to download them but fails.If svchost exe is one of the programs running.Remove Microsoft automatic up-dates.And download them manually. See if that helps.

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