System Restore in Windows XP

  Kuching 23:42 27 Jun 04

My Windows XP System Restore is unable to undo a previous restoration or to restore my PC to any other restore point. I am now stuck with my PC as at 27th March. Can anyone advise me what is wrong and whether there is anything I can do about it?

  GaT7 23:53 27 Jun 04

See these useful FAQs & troubleshooting tips for System Restore - click here. If you cannot find a specific answer someone here is bound to know. Would be worth saving the above link in your 'Favourites' for future reference. Good luck, G

  hugh-265156 00:13 28 Jun 04

unfortunatly when you need it most, system restore sometimes lets you down so its best not to rely on it alone and have an image you can load if things go pear shaped.

the only thing you can do is disable system restore and re enable it again and see if a checkpoint is created.

what was the problem you were having that where you using system restore to try and correct?

  Danoh 00:20 28 Jun 04

Kuching, how much spare hard disk space do you have left on your hard disk?

I'd agree with huggyg71's queries as well.

Dependent on what your answers to his Q's are, you may wish to also consider dumping your data off to CD-Rs. This would also be good insurance should you need to consider a reinstallation of XP or even a reformat of your hard drive for a completely fresh installation.

  VoG II 00:26 28 Jun 04

27 March - is this date significant?

Are you running a RAM drive?

  SANTOS7 00:29 28 Jun 04

That problem is usually caused by a corrupted restore database. The normal method of correcting it is to purge the database and start fresh. Go to Start|Control Panel|System|System Restore tab and turn off System Restore. Reboot, then go back an enable System Restore again. That should return it to normal operation.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:42 28 Jun 04

Have you got it dis-abled?

  Kuching 22:28 29 Jun 04

Many thanks for the advice offered. Was about to embark on disabling System Restore when I thought I would try it once more, and, lo and behold, it worked! (And I thought computers are not temperamental.) Glad to report that I am now back to 27th June.

  ianeon 22:31 29 Jun 04

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  Ive 22:42 29 Jun 04

Some viruses on systems can stop you using restore.

  spuds 23:16 29 Jun 04

Many a good memorable journey between Kuching and Limbang. Those were the days.

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