System Restore-Vista-How?

  Kooji 13:31 17 Sep 09

Hi all
some weeks ago I duffed up this laptop. How I don't know but it now takes ages to load up and another thing is, since then I've been unable to complete a sytem restore. I keep getting the message: Unable to complete system restore-'an unspecified error occured'. I've tried to restore in 'safe mode' and the same thing happens. Is there anything else I can do to get my machine back the way it was?


  sunnystaines 17:02 17 Sep 09

Found out last week that my recent new build did not have system restore as default set in vista.

I had loaded vista and presumed SR was set by default it was not till I checked its properties by chance that I discoved it was not set.

  sunnystaines 17:03 17 Sep 09

has spyware hit you pc?

  Kooji 17:17 17 Sep 09

Hi sunnystaines,

It is possible because the since it went 'odd' it takes ages to load and switching between links etc. How can I tell if I have a virus. I am currently running AVG Free 8.5?

  mooly 18:30 17 Sep 09

You could try running malwarebytes,
click here
which is highly recommended by folk on here.

For system restore not to work implies a problem with the volume shadow copy.
See if you have a malware issue first methinks... before getting technical :)

  Kooji 18:45 17 Sep 09

Hi mooly

I'll try it

Many thanks


  Kooji 07:42 18 Sep 09

Hi again all

I ran the malwarebytes prog and no virus was found. Has anyone any other ideas why I can't do system restore. Since my machine went odd, when I click on any internet links it takes ages for them to load. For instance when I load pcadvisor instead of coming up as a clear page as is used to. The whole page comes up blue for about 15 seconds before it appears normally?


  mooly 08:00 18 Sep 09

As to system restore not working.
It probably isn't anything like this, but just for interest (trust me lol) can you type into the search run box defragmenter and see if it opens correctly and goes past the UAC screen. Don't run it, just see if it opens OK.
System restore failure was one of the (various) symptoms that my 3rd party security package caused. All here,
click here

just thought I would mention it as system restore is such a "core" component that something serious is amiss for it to be corrupt.

  Kooji 11:21 18 Sep 09

Hi mooly

I'll give it a go and see what I can come up with.

  Kooji 11:56 18 Sep 09

Hi again mooly

I got the defrag box up and it simply said I am automatically defragged every day. I read through the other thread and quite frankly it was all over my head. I guess my only option is to live with it and just get used to the slowness of my machine.



  mooly 12:28 18 Sep 09

You might want to try looking in Windows Defender and select Software Explorer and see what programs you have that load and run at startup.
You can also try running from an elevated command prompt,
sfc /scannow which will check and fix any problems with windows protected files.
Type cmd.exe into the run box and right click it and run as admin. Type exactly sfc /scannow and press enter.
If your machine is slow maybe look in "performance and reliability" monitor and see if anything is hogging the CPU or HDD. With the PC idling the CPU should be around 1 to 5 % max really. Is the fan running all the time as if somethings running in the background, an application, program etc.

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