System restore taking 70% of drive space ?

  hmmmm(the original) 20:35 07 Jan 04

I have a friend who is running ME. They recently asked me to free up some space on their hard drive, i've identified 2 folders in the program files total 1GB in size, from old games that have not been uninstalled correctly. The other is a hidden folder inside windows called "restore" i think, containing about 800 cab files each between 7.5mb and 8.5mb in size. As you can imagine it's quite a chunk of the hard drive.

I've set system restore to it's lowest setting 200mb, but this has made no difference. I can't get system restore to work.

Personally I'd go for a reformat, but my friend can no longer find his ME disk.

Is there a way to turn off System restore, if there is would it be safe to delete the offending folder. Or is there another option

  leo49 20:52 07 Jan 04

If you can't get System Restore to function then you may as well disable it[which will flush out all existing restore points]and then try enabling it again on the minimum setting.

To disable; Control Panel/System/File System/Troubleshooting and check Disable.

  Big Elf 20:52 07 Jan 04

My first though was that these could be files required for a re-installation using a recovery CD but at about 6GB (if my admittedly dodgy calcualtions are correct) are too big for that. I don't use ME but in XP the switch to turn off System Restore is close to the place where you set the percentage of disk to be used for it.

  leo49 20:54 07 Jan 04

That was the first thing that popped into my head as well but then I saw it was in the Windows folder as opposed to being on a hidden partition.

  hmmmm(the original) 21:01 07 Jan 04

Yes it's in the windows folder, but is hidden. The files go back to early 2002. They seem to appear every other day, or there abouts. Which is what made me think they are some kind of restore point.

When i say i can't get system restore to work, what i mean is i can't even open it. An error message pop up and you have to close it. unfortunately I did not make a note the error message.

It's going to be tomorrow afternoon before I can get back to his house to try anything that you have suggested, so any help will be noted and tried tomorrow with feedback later around 6pm.

  Big Elf 21:05 07 Jan 04

If you give us the exact error message we should be able to google it.

Damn my secrets out

  hmmmm(the original) 21:32 07 Jan 04

Ok will do tomorrow

  hmmmm(the original) 13:58 08 Jan 04

Ok the message is
Rstrui has caused an error in RSTRUI.exe
Rstrui will now close

If you continue to experience problems
Try restarting your computer

(which has not helped)

The folder is

the archive folder is 8.58gb in size, containing cabinet files name RG1022255003 and many many more.

  hmmmm(the original) 13:58 08 Jan 04

Back after 8pm

  Jester2K 14:02 08 Jan 04

Turn System Restore Off as suggested above by leo49. click here

  spikeychris 14:03 08 Jan 04

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