System Restore query

  Thomo1 00:00 11 Jan 05

I installed my Wanadoo BB on Friday evening.

However i want to restore my system back to weeks ago before i installed this blasted CD rw drive.

Will i lose my BB if i do???

Or should i just erase all nero and cd drive instalations and re-install them all and see if i can win that way???

  ACOLYTE 00:05 11 Jan 05

If you havent installed any software for the cd/rw drive then you dont need to do a restore just remove it from the pc,if you have added software for it remove this in add remove then remove the drive.

  Thomo1 00:08 11 Jan 05

acolyte - i only installed nero v5.5 which came with the drive.

so i just delete nero and remove the drive! When i put the drive back in will windows remeber it or recognise it as new hardware??

  ACOLYTE 00:13 11 Jan 05

Uninstall nero the go here click here

run this to remove all traces of nero resart pc, then remove the drive in device manager,restart pc let windows find it again when thats done reinstall nero,restart pc, then go to click here

To update nero to the latest version.

  Thomo1 00:24 11 Jan 05

cheers acolyte.

u got any ideas as to why all of a sudden either my D: or E: is showing up on "My computer" as a dick icon with a little green medical cross on it and it is called ENHANCED (D:)

  ACOLYTE 00:26 11 Jan 05

Not to sure but

The Autorun file can also define the following:

The Icon that will represent the enhanced CD presentation when the drive is viewed with My Computer or Explorer.

Menu commands displayed when the user right-clicks the CD-ROM icon from My Computer or Explorer.

Note: Autorun can be disabled by the user through the device manager or with an entry in SYSTEM.INI.

this is what i found so it may be the Auto run option,found this click here

  Thomo1 00:31 11 Jan 05

so it is nothing thats termianlly ill then??

  ACOLYTE 00:33 11 Jan 05

If the drive/s work ok i dont think so,but someone else may know more than me.

  Thomo1 00:41 11 Jan 05

well it chops and changes between D and E. looks like its dependant on what drive i put the blank CD in.

Thats the thing also - it copies, tell me it burns succesfully and when i try to play the copied disk back there ent a sound from it and it tells me the disk aint formatted!!!

  Thomo1 00:42 11 Jan 05

ill close this thread and start a new 1 about the drive.

  ACOLYTE 00:46 11 Jan 05

Im not to sure do you mean cd-r or cd/rw disc's?
are you finalizing the disc's? also i found this
click here dont know if it will help you though.

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