System restore points

  STEVE71163 15:34 26 Jul 03

I re formated my hard drive yesterday and everytime i installed a piece of software or drivers i made a restore point. Can anyone tell me for how long are these restore points avaliable to use?

  powerless 15:41 26 Jul 03

Start - 'The actual number of saved restore points depends on how much activity there has been on your computer, the size of your hard disk (or the partition that contains your Windows XP Home Edition folder), and how much disk space has been allocated on your computer to store System Restore information' - Finish


  powerless 15:42 26 Jul 03

Stores one to three weeks of past restore points

According to Help and support.

  STEVE71163 15:46 26 Jul 03

Thanks Powerless. I least i have got at least a week before i must decide if everything is running ok.

  menorcarob2 15:46 26 Jul 03

each system restore needs 200mb of space on the hard drive that has your os on, so i would imagine so long as you have the space the restore point stays the upper limit of the restore point space is 12% of your hard drive or partition that holds your os.

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