System restore, Opertation Failed, Unknown Error..

  Gaz 25 00:21 10 Jun 03

How can I solve this?

I have looked at the Microsoft site with only a incorrect powerdown that causes it but it says Unknown error not shutdown error, although of all things I did have a few days ago?


  Gaz 25 00:28 10 Jun 03

I have NO idea what this could be, but for some reason all the files on my PC have been set to system read only, and me full access, very odd.

That is not the tick but the blob in the readonly radio box of file attributes?

Yes? Maybe that is the problem.

No? Then it isnt.

  Gaz 25 10:56 10 Jun 03

Please help, Bump

  slowhand_1000 11:19 10 Jun 03
  Gaz 25 12:46 10 Jun 03

Thanks but it doesnt solve it/.

  Gaz 25 12:58 10 Jun 03

I have a feeling it is to do with a Update.

  Gaz 25 13:00 10 Jun 03

Hey I am stuck in the middle with a right problem without the backup of Sys restore, it has saved my life a few times.

  Gaz 25 18:31 10 Jun 03

I think it just worked, how odd.

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