System Restore - not working

  kevin300160 21:13 24 Mar 04

I cannot set a restore point? I have Windows ME. When trying, I get the message "System Restore not able to create a restore point. Please restart computer & then run System restore again". If I do this, I get the same reply. I have checked space available for it and is set at Max 2156MB. I have purged the restore folder, so it should have deleted all previous restore points and files, yet it still wont allow me to make a Restore point. I get no other message(s) telling me what the actual problem is ?

  woodchip 21:23 24 Mar 04

Reinstall WinME over the top by re running WinME setup from the CD

  swapper 21:25 24 Mar 04

See if this helps?
click here
From a personal point of view I have never been able to get my Restore option to work, and I (with the help of others in this Forum) have tried very hard.
I gave up in the end :-((

Good luck anyway

  kevin300160 21:41 24 Mar 04

Thanks for replying. Im not all that experienced with computers. I have two CD's. One is a " System CD" which has Backup Drivers & Bootable Restoration CD and the other is an " Operating System Backup CD". On this disc,it says it has the software that was preinstalled on the hard drive & may be used for backup & recovery of the system. Silly question, but would this be the disc to use? What worries me though, is be reinstalling ME, would this erase everything I have on my computer, i.e. files, e-mails etc, or once the disc is running, would I get the option to just reinstall System Restore?

  woodchip 21:44 24 Mar 04

Yes you will lose all your work if you run a restore disc, you need to back these up to CD or some other media., before running the restore disc

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:50 24 Mar 04

Billy boy may have the here


  kevin300160 21:51 24 Mar 04

Thanks for the help, Woodchip & Swapper.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:56 24 Mar 04

click here

click here

Download the patch (Q 290700)that cures the September 8th issue (Replaces smgr.dll with ver Reboot, but before System Restore really worked for me, I had to reset it:

System | Performance | File System | Troubleshooting and check "Disable System Restore", Apply and immediately reboot. This will flush your restore folder and erase all checkpoints, then:

System | Performance | File System | Troubleshooting and uncheck "Disable System Restore", Apply and again immediately reboot. This should now automatically create a new checkpoint following the restart.

Adjust the space allocated to the restore folder, System | Performance | File System | Hard Disk and adjust the restore slider to your preferred setting.


  kevin300160 21:58 24 Mar 04

Thanks as well Gandalf. Very useful. Will try all of your suggestions.

  woodchip 22:02 24 Mar 04

The best system restore you can use id Drive Image, When your computer is working as it should you create a Image to CDR or CDRW or Separate Drive

  kevin300160 23:01 24 Mar 04

To all those that offered help & advice. I did as Gandalf advised and downloaded the patch, as that seemed the easiest one to try first. It would appear to have worked as when I click on System Restore & click set to a previous date, todays date is Highlighted. This never happened before. I will try and make a Restore point tomorrow and post the reply on here. Thank you all again.

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