System Restore Fail - XP

  chessman2 06:54 AM 13 Aug 11

I have an old XP PC that my wife uses for email and web use. Due to a problem with not working wirelessly I needed to use system restore to try and fix the problem.

System restore worked, but failed to fix the problem so I tried to use an earlier restore point in July 2011 which I know was a time that the system was OK. The system restore process has not completed after 14 hours. The screen shows the message "System Restore - Restoring Settings" and the progress bar is about 85% complete, but no more apparent activity.

Given all the warnings about not switching off the PC before successful completion of Sytem Restore what should I do?

  johndrew 10:40 AM 13 Aug 11

It would appear that Restore has hung for some reason but I don't know of a definitive safe way to stop the process. You could try using Task Manager to stop it, but you may well damage the Registry and need to do a Repair unless you have a backup you can overwrite the Windows files with.

If you use ATI (or perhaps similar) and have a backup you can use the Acronis CD to boot the PC and the backup to only overwrite the Windows file.

  chessman2 11:53 AM 13 Aug 11

I agree that Restore had hung for reasons unknown so I bit the bullet (before receiving your email) and powered down the PC with the on/off switch. Powered up and eventually booted into the system restore screen with a warning message that System Restore was incomplete and inviting me to restore to another time. So, that's what I did and after a couple of boots it looks and behaves OK. Currently checking it out. I've fixed the original wireless problem.


Thanks for your input.

  johndrew 10:05 AM 14 Aug 11

Glad to hear you resolved the problem successfully.

  robin_x 10:13 AM 14 Aug 11

I haven't had one hang, but they often are unsuccessful

A few weeks ago, I decided at last to find out why when trying to restore from Windows.

One suggestion was AntiVirus problems. I turned mine off temporarily and the RP that didn't work did. Never occurred to me to try from boot, I assumed it was corrupted.

I have not had chance to see if this turns out to be a common cause of problems.


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