System restore

  The Real Fizz 09:09 21 Aug 04

1.19 GHz Athlon, 384 MB Ram, XP Pro.
Over the last two weeks my computer freezes whilst I am on the internet, and Ctrl,Alt,Delete not working either so I have to just keep turning the computer off by the main switch. I have updated Microsoft and Norton and scanned but found nothing. Any help gratefully received.

  The Real Fizz 09:11 21 Aug 04

Oops, sorry meant to say that I tried to restore my computer to an earlier date but wouldnt do any of the five days I picked. Any ideas?

  johnnyrocker 09:21 21 Aug 04

any anti spyware on board?


  no-name 09:36 21 Aug 04

The Real Fizz have you tried repairing IE?

Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs>select IE>select repair

  sattman 10:38 21 Aug 04

Possible faulty modem or even try reseating the card, assuming you are not on BB.

  gazza38 10:56 21 Aug 04

Do you have zonealarm firewall and have you updated to version 5 ?
If this is so it caused me problems too.
Go back to version 4.5 and all will be well again.
Another possible cause is that some ISP's are changing their numbers,and if you do this using their automatic setup it may cause prolems(I had this problem with Tiscali).I used system restore to go back and then changed the number manually,everything is fine now.
Hope this may help.

  The Real Fizz 10:57 21 Aug 04

Hi, have run Spybot and that is not picking anything up and yes I am on Broadband. Will try doing what 'No-Name' suggested and let you know. Thanks for trying to help! :)

  VoG II 10:59 21 Aug 04

That won't work with XP. Use one of the methods click here

  Stuartli 11:02 21 Aug 04

Don't turn the computer off at the main switch - press the case's power button in for several seconds if you cannot switch it off in the correct manner.

  The Real Fizz 11:02 21 Aug 04

Hi Gazza38
Know I have a firewall of some description but technically incompetent to be able to tell you which one or what version!
Have also tried to System Restore, but hasn't for some reason been able to do any of the 5 dates I chose!

  albu 11:07 21 Aug 04

Aol 9 has to have the browser cache cleared, IE temporary internet files deleted and AOL's adaptor built every so often or my connection goes slow and freezes. The only solution is to reboot.

Maybe your ISP could advise you along the same lines? Or try the above ideas.

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