Snrub 12:50 23 Jun 09

Had to reinstall browser following a McAfee Security Suite download which advised it would remove incompatible programs many of the Windows functions have disappeared including System Repair, Help and Support, User Accounts. If I click on them in Control Panel just an empty box comes up. Same results in Safe Mode. Would appreciate some ideas please on how to proceed?

  Pamy 13:31 23 Jun 09

Click on Run
Type CHKDSK /p
Shut down
re boot

  Pamy 13:40 23 Jun 09

Should have said "click enter" after typing in CHKDSK /p

  BurrWalnut 13:49 23 Jun 09

Your error is an 'old chestnut', this should sort it out click here

  Snrub 17:32 23 Jun 09

Thanks BurrWalnut - spot on the had to re- regsvr32.dll and amazingly all working again. Many thanks.

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