System registry - should I meddle or leave alone?

  ethelene 12:12 06 Apr 05

I am not techie minded but somehow stumbled into the system registry.

I was surprised to see lots of programmes and bits that I thought I had removed by the Windows Add/Remove Programme route.

My hard drive is nearly 80% empty after 3 years. Should I try to remove these unwanted bits or leave well alone?

I am running Windows XP HE.

Your advice will be most welcome, especially if it is not too technical! Thanks in advance.

  Monument 12:20 06 Apr 05

Don't meddle use this click here to clear the registry of rubbish

  ethelene 12:28 06 Apr 05

Thanks for that - I have clicked the link and will proceed from there.

  octal 13:09 06 Apr 05

Or, if you really want to meddle BACKUP! BACKUP! BACKUP! Before you make changes. Also backup all your important stuff; always leave yourself options to get out of a situation.

If you want to have a play, do so by all means, that is one way of learning how the system works, but be prepared to reinstall your system, so make sure you've got all your cd disks and drivers, just in case.

I speak from experience in messing my old win98 system up many times, before I learnt to back everything up. I still do the same in Linux (messing it up), but it’s much easier to reinstall the system than Windows, but that's another story.

  stalion 13:14 06 Apr 05

do not play with the registry unless you are experienced with it leave well enough alone just use a registry cleaner as posted above

  ethelene 13:57 06 Apr 05

Many thanks to all for the very sound advice.

As the computer is running well - I think I will leave well alone.

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