System Recovery CD`s

  Buchan 35 23:04 09 Apr 05

Is it necessary to have the installation key when
returning to factory settings? I`ve offered a legal pair of ME discs to a forum member, one disc is the System Recovery CD-Rom and the other is the Laplink 2000 disc which does have a CD key. Any help please?

  LastChip 23:15 09 Apr 05

but I think it is.

Maybe it depends upon the manufacturer.

  lotvic 23:52 09 Apr 05

guess those are for:

'After 100 posts still no conclusion. PCA Tech pls.' created by jamesy74

  Buchan 35 17:55 10 Apr 05

Yes, a pair of discs, the second one being Laplink 2000 with a CD key

  Buchan 35 19:40 10 Apr 05

Product Key found.

  woodchip 19:48 10 Apr 05

They only work with the computer they was with from new

  woodchip 19:49 10 Apr 05

The Laplink should be OK but not a Recovery CD

  Buchan 35 21:50 10 Apr 05

As you know I don`t know a great deal about these matters, could you please explain? I would have thought that the Recovery Disc would instal WinXP
regardless and everything else on the HDD would be lost. I know that somewhere in the back of my mind
something`s telling me to listen to you, the rest of my mind asks why?

  woodchip 23:23 10 Apr 05

A Recovery disc is only created for the computer that it is supplied with. As drivers etc and registration is for that computer

  paranomia 23:32 10 Apr 05

I have found to my cost that a lot of recovery discs only allow you to gain access to the system backup on a hidden partition of your hard drive - there are no actual system files on the CD at all! Totally useless when you have a total HD failure, you lose the hidden partition as well!! D'oh!!

  lotvic 02:04 11 Apr 05

woodchip is quite right

They are all a bit different. That's why they only work with the motherboard and rest of pc that they were supplied with.
They are designed NOT to work with any other pc.

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