System Merchanic - New Disc is ok but....

  1248fixx 03 Jun 13

I've just got the activation key to enable the 6 month trial, but 2 things; 1.How and where do I enter it? 2.The message that was emailed to me containing the key says it's only a 30 day one!?

Can anyone help me please?, very!



PS, have now DL the updated 11.7 version...

  spuds 03 Jun 13

There's been a couple of questions perhaps worth looking up about this product by other forum member's. So perhaps best to contact the Forum Editor, so he can pass on your message to someone dealing with this product?.

  1248fixx 05 Jun 13

Many thanks to you both....still awaiting a reply from the editor though...!

  northumbria61 07 Jun 13

I had this program a few years ago and it ruined my PC. I was less knowledgeable back then and thought it would keep my PC running in pristine condition - how wrong that turned out to be. Unless it has improved I would think twice about installing it.

  northumbria61 08 Jun 13

old5chool There is a FREE version - it doesn't have to be the Pro (Paid For) version.

The point I was trying to make was that it can make things a lot worse. I am going back a lot of years and I like many others I suppose was looking for something that I thought would keep my system running and optimized - it did the opposite! I now steer clear of any program which wants to optimize my PC.

  lotvic 08 Jun 13

" I now steer clear of any program which wants to optimize my PC"

So do I, most of them cause more problems than they fix.

  onthelimit1 08 Jun 13

Wouldn't use anything but CCleaner for this task.

  bumpkin 08 Jun 13

I have tried System Mechanic. If you are unable to instal it consider yourself fortunate:-)


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