PARIS/FALLS/04 09:25 13 Oct 04

I hve a friends pc here and its saying on boot up system ini file missing if it was deleted on purpose try reinstalling the application. The files that are no longer there are vnetsup.vxd,vredir.vxd and dfs.vxd.
Unable to load dynaminc link library MSUP32.DLL any suggestions on how to get rid of this. My friend says her son deleted a lot of things off the pc but cant give me any info on what was deleted its running windows 98se.

  Sethhaniel 10:26 13 Oct 04

from another computer via floopy disc
into your C:\Windows - directory-
Also search other computer for *.vxd files note location and copy them also :)

  mgmcc 11:43 13 Oct 04

Have a look at these instructions for restoring the System.ini file click here

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