"The system has recovbered from a serious error"

  prodway 18:23 11 Nov 05

Hi,For some reason when i start up my computer i recieve the box"The system has recovbered from a serious error".I have recently not changed anything on my system or installed anything new but i get the error everytime,Even when i shut the computer down myself and restart it its the same,its not like its crashing and restarting with this error.I send the error report and i always get sent here:click here

which dosent help,Any ideas???Im using windows xp.

Cheers Paul.

  johnnyrocker 18:26 11 Nov 05

did you take the advice and try system restore?


  ACOLYTE 18:32 11 Nov 05

First thing i would do is a checkdisk at next boot,if that comes back ok then look for a software/hardware fault,new drivers updates new hardware you have added,i would also do an upto date virus/malware scan also the restore option is a good idea but go back a day more than you think you need to.

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