system hanging on windows install

  boomhauer 15:28 26 Feb 06

when attempting to install a new copy of windows xp to my system it keeps hanging up just after the "setup is inspecting your computers hardware configuration" message.
any ideas?

  BurrWalnut 15:35 26 Feb 06

If you haven't already done it, remove all external equipment, e.g. printer, scanner and the like, including powered hubs.

  boomhauer 15:39 26 Feb 06

system is already at minimal configuration
nothing plugged up other than what needs to be

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:40 26 Feb 06

setup is inspecting your computers hardware configuration

Can spend some time at this point dont give up too early have known it spend 10 mins or more.

  boomhauer 15:42 26 Feb 06

left it sitting while i watced the football last night, was still a black screen when i returned

  boomhauer 20:40 26 Feb 06

seems the hdd was causing the problem
changed it for a spare on i had lying around and instant success.
not sure whats wrong with the drive it was working the other day, but no longer works in any of my computers, glad there was nothing on it.

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