System Hang Up - svchost.exe problem

  MichaelF 17:54 25 Nov 08

My system keeps sticking, the hard disc is running but my mouse will not move, I can't call up task manager to see what is happening. All I can do is press the on'off switch.
The problem occurs when i am trying to play or rip a CD using Windows Media Player 11. It also occurs when I use Catraxx or Creative Media Player.
I have tried having task manager and process explorer open to see what happens.
svchost.exe starts running and hits 50% of CPU and everything stops.
There are several instances of svchost.exe running at any one time but I can't find out what process is screwing up the system because I can't click on the SVCHOST file because my mouse will not move.
Any suggestions?

  Rahere 17:59 25 Nov 08

Can you use the keyboard to access or kill programs?

  MichaelF 19:18 25 Nov 08

No, complete freeze!

  iscanut 19:31 25 Nov 08

If you Google svchost you will see that there are numerous items re this sort of problem. One link that may be of use is this one click here
There are other also that may be worth a try. Good luck. assuming you can get some sort of control of your pc back!

  MichaelF 19:51 27 Nov 08

Thanks for the suggestions. I have had a quick look at Google and as you said it seems to be a common problem.

  MichaelF 10:22 30 Nov 08

I have tried to run the suggested files but I get a message saying that the service pack version I have has newer versions of the files and I don't need to load them.
So I still have the problem. Most of the problems recorded on the web seem to be some time ago, is my problem a new one?
The strange thing is that when the problem occurs, which is intermittant, the cpu usage always runs up to exactly 50% on svchost and stops.

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