System Crashes and Loses incoming internet

  dewskit 22:08 02 Feb 04

Since yesterday evening I have been experiencing frequent crashes with the following error message
"An exception OE has occured at 0028 : C1457FDB
in VxD DNSVXD (01) + 00000D2B. This was called from 0028 : C007F3F0 in VxD NDISWAN (01) + 000010A0. It may be possible to continue normally...

If I then press any key as instructed, system appears to recover, but no incoming internet bytes are received, and then it either crashes to a black screen with a row of yellow forward slashes across the top or if I try to shutdown it just hangs, and I have to power down to do a restart.

Windows 98SE, IE6 with todays Security Update, Norton Antivirus and Firewall, with updates done every day, Adaware and Spybot both installed and updated today.

Any ideas please?

  Rtus 23:05 02 Feb 04

Have you tried a scanreg /restore choosing a date before security update etc just in case it itself upset the system ? you can always redo the update ..if needed.

  User-312386 23:12 02 Feb 04

hi there

go to start>shutdown and then restart in ms-dos

when in dos type scanreg/fix

this will fix the registry strings if there are any faults

  woodchip 23:16 02 Feb 04

In Win98 it's Scanreg/Restore

  dewskit 13:24 03 Feb 04

With crossed fingers!
All seems OK again now after doing the Restore
Thanks again everyone

  gold 47 14:33 03 Feb 04


  User-312386 21:35 03 Feb 04

Scanreg/Restore restores an old registry point, scanreg/fix fixes the registry in Win98

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