System Configuration Utility in XPHome

  Boluwd 11:40 05 Nov 03

I want to remove certain programs from loading at startup and using MSCONFIG -6 to access the startup page in SCU I can simply uncheck the relevant boxes. Great! But, unlike Win98SE where the changes were usually permanent (until changed again in MSCONFIG), with XPHome I keep getting the Sys Con Utility message "The SCU is currently in diagnostic or selective startup mode, causing this message to be displayed and the utility to run every time Windows starts. Choose the normal startup mode in the General tab to start Win normally and undo the changes you made using the SCU." There is also the check box and "Don't show this message or launch the SCU when Win starts". How do I get XP to accept my changes and start normally without this message.... is it a case of just checking that box at the end?
I think I'm going to regret asking this's a stupid question ,right????

when that message appears at startup there is a little box tick it, this will stop it from warning you each time you startup

  Boluwd 11:51 05 Nov 03

Thanks, I wasn't sure how to interpret the meaning of the message next to that check box.

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