System closing down

  darrenaj 10:59 07 May 04

I am running xp. When I connect to the internet, after 30 seconds, I get a message
NT Authority\System. C:\Windows\system 32\lsass.exe status code 1073741819, and my system restarts. I have run AVG and it shows no virus. When it restarts I get an error message LSA Shell export version. I am a complete novice. can someone help.


  VoG II 11:01 07 May 04

sasser virus or one of its variants click here

  temp003 11:01 07 May 04

You've got the Blaster family of viruses.

  Almighty 11:53 07 May 04

No its infact the Sasser Virus

  stlucia 12:46 07 May 04

... and when you've fixed it using VoG™'s link, you need to update your AVG for future protection.

  PUNKA 15:57 07 May 04

If everybody on PCA will chip in a quid we could hire a bounty hunter to find these eejits,and have them flogged on the web. SKY could broadcast it as a national pasttime and refund the money to PCA for us to come up with further PRIMETIME ENTERTAINMENT what do you think ?????

  bob1234 17:21 07 May 04

Just fetch the US army in, they would particularly enjoy the flogging, mind you, they still haven't found Osama or WMD !

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